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RCF Presents New Active TT25/TT22 PA Speakers

The development team at RCF (Radio Cine Forniture) certainly hasn't been resting on its laurels. Since 1949, the Italian manufacturer has been treating us to high-grade audio systems, and from the looks of their new TT22-A II and TT25-A II speakers and TT25-CXA stage monitor, they're not about to quit any time soon.

RCF's new releases are bound to be a hit on the live music scene. Are you an artist who likes to work with his/her own PA gear? Or do you run a venue and are you looking for a decent PA system, preferably one that delivers quality audio at a respectable volume? Both the RCF TT25 and the RCF TT22 will make your ears pop!

The TT22-A II and the TT25-A II

The main difference between these two models are their respective woofers. Both have a 1.5" tweeter, but the TT25 is equipped with a 15" woofer, while the TT22 houses a 12" woofer. The TT25 delivers an SPL of 134 dB, but the slightly smaller TT22 is still capable of achieving an SPL of 131 dB. Both speakers boast a wide coverage angle of 90 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. They're real all-rounders, suitable for the theatre, reception halls, houses of worship, etc.

The TT25-CXA

As performers like to hear themselves during their gigs, RCF offers a stage monitor in the shape of the TT25-CXA. The letters CX stand for coaxial, which happens to be the monitor's speaker configuration. As the woofer and the tweeter generate their sound in the same spot, there's no need to worry about phase issues. The TT25-CXA can also be used as a speaker for a small venue - just place it in upright position. Its maximum SPL of 133 dB is more than adequate.

All of these new RCF speakers feature a full-range frequency response and RDNet technology. The latter uses an equalizer to compensate for relatively bad acoustics in a venue, providing you with an exceptionally neutral sound, just as the producer intended. In short, if you're a mobile performer in the market for your own PA system, these three solid speaker models are definitely worth your consideration!

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