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Rekordbox DJ Has Been Released!

Finally, it's happened! Pioneer has released their own DJ software. At the DJ-Expo in the USA, we were already treated to a little sneak preview.

Rekordbox itself has been subjected to a modest update, which enhances the current functionality. The Rekord DJ Plus Pack can be purchased in Rekordbox, and it's also possible to activate a monthly subscription. Invest a few pounds, and you're able to turn Rekordbox into a full-blown DJ software package! Not entirely convinced yet? In that case, you might be interested in a 30-day Rekordbox DJ Plus trial.

Once you've transformed Rekordbox into Rekordbox DJ, you'll be able to work with DJ software that boasts the lowest available latency on the current market. A quick response is ensured at all times, making it perfect for demanding DJs. The familiar Rekordbox interface remains virtually unchanged, although you can now benefit from multi-screen support as an added bonus. It allows you to display your players on one screen, and to browse your music collection on another. You'll never run out of screen space again!

The following features are also at your disposal:

  • Pad FX, for linking several effects
  • Sound Color FX, the adjustable Color FX from the DJM series
  • Beat FX, the adjustable Beat FX from the DJM series
  • Release FX
  • Slip Mode, a well-known feature of the CDJ CD players
  • Quantized Beat Jump from the XDJ-1000
  • 16-slot sampler
  • 4-deck control
  • record your mixes

Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ can be run on both Windows and Mac OS.

From the launch onwards, the following products are supported:


-CDJ-2000, CDJ-2000NXS, CDJ-900, CDJ-900NXS, CDJ-850, CDJ-350


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