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Rekordbox: new performance horizons

Whereas Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox used to be simply a tool that DJs could use to manage their music library and prepare for their sets, the manufacturer promises 'new performance horizons' for the software in their latest video on YouTube.

The teaser shows features we recognise from Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ such as software FX, sampler (like Serato's SP1) and a slicer. These come in addition to the loops, cues, and the like, that the previous version of Rekordbox already had. What's more, the video also shows a record and mixer button. Even the decks strongly resemble those by Serato and Traktor, apart from the layout of their controls that is, as that reminds us of the controls on the DDJ-SX2 and XDJ-RX.

Judging from this sneak peak, the new Rekordbox is going to be a full-fledged DJ software program the likes of Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ. Good things are ahead if our assumptions prove to be true, because we'll then see the dawn of a new generation of DJ controllers, fully catered to the new Rekordbox software.

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