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Reloop Groove Speaker Sets - Maximum Sound, Minimum Effort

The main reason that DJs don't bring their own speaker sets to gigs is that they want to avoid the Herculean effort required to lug them around. And who can blame them? Fortunately, with the Groove Set 10 and the Groove Set 12, Reloop has speaker sets that mere mortals can manage. Both sets consist of a woofer and two satellite speakers that are relatively light and have handles to make them easier to carry. Their size might be compact but their sound is anything but.

Reloop Groove Set 12

The Groove Set 12 (photo underneath) has a 12-inch woofer and two speakers that each have four 4-inch drivers and a 1-inch neodymium tweeter. It has a total weight of 43.6 kg (30 kg and 2x 6.8 kg) and the complete set covers frequencies ranging between 35 Hz and 20 kHz. With a class D amplifier on board, this full-range system produces a total of 3200 watts and is suitable for larger venues.

Reloop Groove Set 10

The Groove Set 10 (photo underneath) has a (yep, you guessed it) 10-inch woofer and two speakers that each have two 4-inch drivers and a 1-inch tweeter. This set weighs just 28.6 kg (20 kg and 2x 4.3 kg) and covers frequencies ranging between 45 Hz and 20 kHz. The Groove Set 10 also has a class D amplifer that produces 1480 watts. That's also enough for larger venues. Both models have two XLR/jack inputs, an RCA input (L/R), two XLR outputs and two Speakon outputs. The speakers sets both come with 5-metre speaker cables and a power cable.

To find out more about these compact speaker sets, as well as prices and delivery times, take a look at the product pages.

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