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Reloop Offers Two Outstanding Neon Combo Deals!

Reloop's Neon DJ controller has certainly earned its stripes by now. Its well-organised layout and easy controls have made it quite a success among DJs. All the more reason to take advantage of one of these two Reloop Combo Deals, which both proudly feature the popular DJ controller.

Neon Combo Deal #1

The first Combo Deal is a great opportunity for beginner DJs who don't have a giant budget to spend yet. It combines the Neon with a Modular Stand, which was specifically designed to give the Reloop DJ controller the support it deserves. The stand enables you to position your Neon above your mixer or turntable, creating a neat setup that's easy to operate.

Neon Combo Deal #2

With the second Combo Deal, Reloop means business, that much is certain. The set consists of two Neon DJ controllers, two Modular Stands, two RP-7000 direct-drive turntables and one RMX-80 Digital four-channel DJ mixer. Connect it to your laptop with Serato DJ software, and you're fully prepared for the show of a lifetime. Each of this set's rugged components offers the same high-grade Reloop quality, so you can rest assured that your gear won't let you down mid-set.

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