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Reloop Presents RMX-90 4-Channel Vinyl Beast

Literally days before the NAMM 2017 doors open, Reloop present their brand-new RMX-90 DVS. It's a DJ mixer with 4+1 channels that's completely DVS-ready and offers a huge effects section as well as Serato DJ plus expansion package. It also comes with two time code vinyl records so you can get started right away!

Sexy effects

These days, a good effects section is pretty much mandatory for any decent club mixer. The Beat FX in the RMX-90 DVS is more than sufficient and easy to use thanks to two handy displays in the right-hand corner. You can focus completely on your set, but if you're still getting the hang of DVS, you can easily switch back to mixing with tabletops or via the software. Thanks to a 24-bit audio interface, any change in the audio or jumps in the music will be inaudible.


This Reloop has a fifth channel for a microphone as well as an extra media player. You're in complete control with the 2-band equalizer and if you want to connect yet another mic, you can do so by means of an input on the front panel. For the other four channels, there are three parameters for your EQ so you can change the response from a classic gradual decrease in frequencies or complete isolation. You can also use the cross fader, which can be replaced by an InnoFader for even more control.

How would you control this mixer? Check out the product pages for more information and visit our NAMM page for all the latest news!

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