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Reloop's Hybrid Flagship: the MIXON 4!

The launch of Reloop's flagship controller, the MIXON 4, was sadly stifled by the torrential storm of products launched by Roland and the news of Pioneer's latest addition to the family this past weekend. Nevertheless, the newest pride of Reloop's range deserves some serious attention, especially because of the collaboration between software giants Serato and Algoriddim!

Hybrid console

The collaboration between Serato and Algoriddim is what makes the MIXON 4 such a remarkable DJ controller. Both software developers have included their operating systems, Serato DJ and Algoriddim djay PRO, which you can use seamlessly together while mixing. If that weren't enough, you can connect just about any device that these programs will run on, such as your phone, tablet or laptop. To enhance this usability, Reloop equipped the controller with a slot in the top that's even big enough for an iPad Pro.

Visual ingenuity

At first glance, this 4-channel controller looks like any other, but upon closer inspection, you'll find the Reloop has mirrored the decks in a very clever way. That means the pitch fader located on the left of the left deck is located on the right of the right deck, which makes intuitive mixing even easier. Another feature is the addition of harmonic mixing, which means you can manipulate a track's pitch at the push of a button so it matches with your other tracks. Scratchers are able to create awesome effects too! Check out what the MIXON 4 can do in the video below and keep an eye on our product pages for more details!

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