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Right and Left-Handed Novelties by Ibanez!

Before, Ibanez primarily catered for the right-handed guitar player. However, in addition to the relaunch of their classic Destroyer Bass and fretless SR bass, Ibanez now introduces a few of their popular signature models specially designed for left-handed players.

Vintage is hip, and so are vintage guitars and basses! In line with this trend, Ibanez introduces the rugged, black DTB400B-BK Destroyer Bass, which is a reissue of the Ibanez classic 1980s model. The Destroyer, despite its rugged look, is actually extremely versatile, and with the combined P and J pickup you have a wide range of different sounds at your fingertips. The shape often makes it hard to find a gig bag that fits these types of basses. But there’s no need to worry! The DTB400B-BK comes with a gig bag to keep it safe, wherever you go. If the Destroyer is a bit too rugged for your taste, the new, fretless SR-basses like the SR370EF-BBT might strike your fancy. This bass is almost identical to the regular SR models, offering the same high quality but with the distinct sound of a fretless bass.

Left-handed is handy too

Contrary to right-handed players, who can pick from hundreds of different models, left-handed guitarists or bassists often don't have the same luxury. With these new left-handed versions of a number of its very popular models, Ibanez finally enables the left-handed player to follow in the footsteps of Steve Vai with the JEMJRL-WH or to rip like never before with the RG721FML-BIF. For those who prefer a more relaxed sound, Ibanez also has the acoustic PF15LECE and the V50LNPJ-NT package-deal. To complete the set, Ibanez also caters to 4- and 5-string bassists with the SR300EBL-WK and the SR305EBL-WK. Rumour has it that these left-handed models are available for a limited time only, so be sure to get your hands on one of these beauties now!

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