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RME ADI-2 PRO 20th Anniversary Edition!

RME is blowing out 20 candles this year, and they're celebrating with the ADI-2 PRO Anniversary Edition. Under the bonnet, it's the same as the tried-and-trusted ADI-2 PRO, but this studio-quality AD/DA converter is designed to complement the HiFi set in your sitting room!

Reliable quality in a luxurious package

The durable industrial design we're used to seeing from RME has made way for something a bit more luxurious. In fact, the ADI-2 PRO 20th Anniversary Edition of RME's top-notch AD/DA converter has a matte-black finish and stainless-steel feet, making it classy enough to complement the HiFi set in your sitting room. What's more, it features a plexiglass window on top to show off the circuit board inside, which is illuminated by three amber LEDs.

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