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RME Launch Digiface USB Audio Interface

RME's new Digiface USB audio interface features USB 2.0 and is bus powered meaning you won't need an external power supply. It offers four optical inputs and outputs giving you a total of 66 digital audio channels in all.

Versatile and easy to use

The latest plug and play technology makes installing the Digiface USB a piece of cake, even for inexperienced users. It's an extremely lightweight and compact piece of kit that will fit into the smallest space in your studio. Each optical port can handle both ADAT (up to 8 channels) and S/PDIF (stereo) signals. The inputs switch automatically to the received signal formats, while the outputs can be individually switched to the format desired.

TotalMix FX

TotalMix FX is a powerful digital real-time mixer that allows you to route any of the 32 inputs and 34 outputs simultaneously in virtually any configuration you can think of. This gives you practically unlimited mixing possibilities. Despite the fact that the Digiface USB has no DSP, and therefore no FX, it still has dedicated Control Room functions that include Talkback, fader groups, mute groups and complete remote control via the Mackie or OSC protocols and more. The Digiface USB also comes with with DIGICheck, an analysis and test tool by RME.

Keep an eye on our product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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