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RME TotalMix FX 4 All

Most people will be familiar with RME sound cards. Not surprising, as they've been around for about thirteen years now. Usually, older software and hardware becomes dated or obsolete after a while, but RME clearly disagreed with that phenomenon.

So what they did, was make sure the latest version of TotalMix FX is compatible with their older sound cards - isn't that sweet of them? That kind of service is quite remarkable in a world where computers are outdated by the time they're six months old! But it's true nonetheless: TotalMix is compatible with all RME HDSP(e) cards that have been released from 2001 onwards, as well as the Fireface 800 and Fireface 400. Think about it; you can now easily update a sound card that was made before Bax-shop was even around!

Clearly RME is anything but ageist! You'll find the download on RME's website.


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