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Rob Papen RP-EQ - More Than Just an Equalizer

Tone control is your most powerful mixing and mastering tool. With the RP-EQ, Rob Papen has introduced an incredibly comprehensive virtual equalizer. Wouldn't it be a great asset for your PC or Mac?

If we'd had to describe the Rob Papen RP-EQ in a single word, 'comprehensive' is the term we'd go for. This virtual EQ gives you no fewer than eight frequency bands to control the frequency spectrum. You can even opt for M/S mode, in which case bands 1-4 determine the mid signal, while bands 5-8 control the side signal. If you've been mixing and mastering for a while, you'll know that's a great way of making stereo sounds mono-compatible. Another interesting feature is the possibility to specify a specific band frequency by means of a note. Ideal if you know exactly which note is taking too prominent a place!

Additional features

Although, technically speaking, the frequency bands are filters, Rob Papen has also added a number of separate low-pass and high-pass filters to the RP-EQ. Each filter comes in two filter types, and the slope of the filters can be selected between 12 and 24 dB per octave. Saturation and Air sections are included as a bonus. The latter gives the highest trebles a boost, lending more air to vocals - hence the name. The XY is another welcome addition, which allows you to control parameters in time. In short, this equalizer lives!

To put it in simple terms: if you're serious about mixing and mastering, the RP-EQ is a great piece of software for your PC or Mac (VST, AAX, AU). Take note, however, that a screen resolution of at least 1000 pixels high is required. It will give you all the room you need to tweak parameters to perfection, and that's what you really want!