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Røde Launches Stereo Videomic Pro with Rycote Mount

Recently, Røde equipped its Videomic Pro with a Rycote shock mount. Now, they have continued this tradition by including one with their Stereo Videomic Pro as well. The Rycote Lyre mount is superior to any other mounting system because of its extremely durable construction and the way it keeps handling noises to an absolute minimum.

Great improvements

Besides the fact that the Rycote Lyre shock mount is now included, the Stereo Videomic Pro has received a number of other improvements. First of all, it features two completely new, quieter microphone capsules, both placed in an XY position. Because the capsules are completely separate from the housing, any risk of handling noise is minimised even further. It also boasts a high-pass filter that can effectively shut out ambient noise caused by air conditioning, for example. It also features a built-in preamp that's good for an impressive 20 dB of extra gain. This gives the mic signal an enormous boost, making it an ideal partner for DSLR cameras and capable of complementing your video with top-notch audio.

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