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Roland #909day Online Music Festival: The Future. Redefined.

On September 9, 2016, something remarkable is going to happen. Roland will present the very first world-wide 24-hour online streaming music festival to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of their legendary TR-909 drum machine. Besides various live acts, performances, and product demonstrations, they will launch more than 30 new products from eight major cities around the globe. If you don't want to miss the kick off, set your alarm for 5:00 AM (6 AM CET) on September 9th! You can follow the whole thing live via this link and use the hashtag #909day to stay up to date via social media.

The Future. Redefined.

At this time, there is very little known about the new products that will be revealed on September 9th. We do know they is that they will be extremely diverse. Roland is expected to present some new synthesizers, digital pianos, electronic drum kits and DJ gear. Their subsidiary BOSS will be celebrating #909day as well by launching some new guitar-related products. Finally, there is a secret announcement that has us all scratching our heads—Roland is going to introduce an entirely new range of musical instruments. What could they be? We'll find out on September 9th!

The image shows an agenda of when and where presentations will be held.

If you're curious about new drum products, amplifiers, and effects, then you will want to tune in live when the event kicks off from Tokyo. There will be a number of drum and percussion products being presented from Brussels, and news about synthesizers will come from Berlin and Toronto. Want to know about other new keyboards? Don't miss the Paris show. From New York and Los Angeles, Roland will present their newest DJ gear. For more information about the presentation schedule, click here.

Naturally, we plan to follow all the developments and will keep you updated as the events unfold via our news page!

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