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Roland Introduces the GO:MIXER for Smartphones

Have you ever wanted an analogue mixer that fit in the palm of your hand? Roland has made one! Introducing, the GO:MIXER.

Smart mixer for smartphones

This impressive little device looks like a USB hub, but it is actually a fully-fledged analogue mixer! In fact, you could even say it was an external audio interface. It works by connecting to your smartphone (compatible with both iOS and Android), which is essentially a computer in the shape of a phone. What can you connect to the GO:MIXER? A synthesizer or keyboard, two stereo devices (such as tablets, phones, etc.), a microphone, and an electric guitar or bass. You can adjust the levels, and even apply centre-cancel to one of the stereo sources for a karaoke session! Last but not least, as well as the connection for your phone, there's also a monitor output for a set of headphones. To sum up, the Roland GO:MIXER is super small, yet super complete!

Roland is ringing in the new year some great new products like the GO:MIXER. At the upcoming winter NAMM of 2017, we'll find out more, so keep an eye on Bax Music for news about Roland as well as the the very latest in studio gear and musical instruments!

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