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Roland Presents Juno-DS Synthesizers

The Roland Juno-DS is the latest addition to the Japanese manufacturer's long-running Juno synthesizer series. Roland is releasing two editions of their latest Juno synth - the Juno-DS 61 and the Juno-DS 88 - both of which stand out thanks to their portable design.

The new Juno-DS has more to offer than excellent mobility, however. Its warm, rich and versatile sound, for instance, certainly lives up to the high Roland standard, and the effects are characteristically good too. Connecting a microphone is easy, and gives you access to an exclusive reverb. Aren't you the greatest of vocalists? No need to worry, as the Juno-DS's pitch correction is there to help you out. You can make the settings as extreme as you like; even Cher's 'Believe' is now within your range.


Weighing only 11 lbs, 12 oz and 35 lbs, 12 oz respectively, neither the Juno-DS61 or the Juno-DS88 is likely to cause any back injuries. To power these attractive, comprehensive synths, you need only eight AA batteries, which will last for up to five hours. Alternatively, you can opt for the power supply unit. Both the DS 61 and DS 88 make great additions to your home studio, but these new Juno scions truly shine on stage.

Has your interest been piqued yet? We haven't even mentioned the Juno-DS's delightful acoustic and electric pianos, its outstanding organs, or its fabulous live sounds yet. These new Roland synthesizers offer a comprehensive package indeed. Visit the relevant product pages to learn more about them!


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