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Roland Presents System-100 plug-out for Aira System-1

The Roland System-1 and System-1m can serve as hosts for synthesizer implementations, meaning you can save these plug-out implementations in the System-1 models for stand-alone use. The famous vintage Roland System-100 is now available as a plug-out!

Before, Roland released the Promars as a plug-out, but now it's time for the legendary System-100 to receive the same treatment. Of course, it's not that much of a shock. With a name like System-1(m), you'd expect the System-100 to get its turn eventually.

Modular Synthesis

The original System-100 was an analogue modular synthesizer. Although the machine itself (and, as such, the plug-out's layout) looks a little complicated, it's really quite logical. With a modular system, you control which signal goes where. Normally, synthesizers have a fixed signal flow, allowing for thousands of possible sounds, but with the System-100's modular character, you can keep creating new signal flows, for even more possibilities. And that's what makes modular synthesizers, and this plug-out for the System-1(m) so very interesting.

Technology behind (modular) synthesizers

To make the most of the System-1m and its plug-outs, you should ideally know a bit about how a synthesizer actually works. That's something you might not ever really think about when using a more common synth. However, this plug-out, in combination with the System-1(m), might be a great excuse to work on gaining a little more insight.

Has this tale whet your appetite? Then be sure to check out the System-1 or System-1m. After that you can purchase the System-100 plug-out from Roland themselves. You could also opt for a free trial version first.


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