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Roland Presents The E-A7 Arranger Keyboard

It seems the Roland BK-9 may finally have a worthy successor. The new Roland E-A7 also features two displays and a veritable plethora of controls. In fact, it has so many buttons and knobs, it almost looks like a cockpit! But what is the E-A7 really about?

This is one cool-looking cockpit. If you like backlit buttons, blinky lights and sliders, the E-A7 is sure to tickle your fancy. Of course, it's all there for a purpose: ease-of use. Because the more buttons you can press directly, the less you'll have to work your way through a complicated menu structure.

Sounds and styles

Roland is known to produce quality equipment, and the E-A7 doesn't break with tradition - it's yet another one that can go straight into Roland's hall of fame. It offers 1500 top-quality sounds, both traditional western ones and an eclectic variety of sounds from all over the world. Furthermore, it has 128 MBs of sample memory, allowing you to load your own samples. As such, the possibilities are virtually endless! It also offers 600 different styles, with plenty of variations, intros and endings. You can even create your own style, if you're into that sort of precise technical work.

Just some of the possibilities

The Roland E-A7 really does too many different things to mention all of them. How about detuning for each note on the scale? Or quarter tones, for instance - ideal for some of the more ethnic instruments. Or the fact that you can sing along and add effects to your voice? You can even record your playing in CD quality! And all that in a device that weighs only 8 kilos!

Roland did it again: this keyboard has both brains and looks! And just like in the world of online dating, we know looks shouldn't matter that much, but it's still a factor! Luckily, keyboard enthusiasts will agree that the E-A7 is quite an attractive instrument!


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