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Roland Presents the TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Last year, Roland introduced their TR-09 Rhythm Composer, which was a remake of the TR-909 drum machine. Now, loyal TR-808 users' dreams have come true with the TR-08 Rhythm Composer! Roland have brought an important part of music history into the 21st century with this compact drum machine that has all the perks of modern-day technology a drummer could possibly want!


Marvin Gaye, The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Public Enemy, Phil Collins and Whitney Houston - all these famous artists used a TR-808 drum machine at some point for their hit songs. Roland's TR-08 is an enhanced version of the renowned TR-808 that got its claim to fame in the eighties. Not much has changed under the bonnet, but the whole thing is just more compact in general. You'll find all the samples and features from the TR-808 on the TR-08 Rhythm Composer. Thanks to ACB technology, which allows for all components to be accurately analysed and perfectly recreated, Roland managed to make an exact replica of the TR-808. This drum machine is equipped with come modern features and connection options (including USB). The sequencer has been expanded to 16 steps, and each step can be divided into another 16 sub steps. That means you can program fills and variations with great precision.

Check out the product page for specifications up-to-date information on delivery times and prices.

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