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Roland Presents Their New SuperNATURAL Piano Line-up

Roland's back with a new range of digital pianos! There are five different models to choose from, all equipped with Roland's outstanding SuperNATURAL engine, and all available in various colours. In fact, picking your favourite from a total of fourteen different pianos might take you a while...

Take the LX-17 (available in polished white and polished ebony), for instance, or the LX-7 (available in contemporary black, brown walnut and polished ebony) - all great instruments with plenty of features. For even more colour options, check out the HP603 (available in contemporary black, contemporary rosewood and white) or the HP605 (available in contemporary black, white, contemporary rosewood and polished ebony). Finally, Roland's most compact new digital piano is the F-140R, which comes with a contemporary black or a white finish.

The sound

Apart from the F-140R - we'll get to that one later - all of Roland's new digital pianos offer similar features. The main differences between the various models pertain to their speakers, amplification and housing. All pianos are equipped with Roland's SuperNATURAL engine, which uses physical modelling technology. It calculates which waveforms are created when a hammer strikes a piano string, producing exceptionally realistic sound. Additionally, the pianos feature hundreds of tones and support Bluetooth, which means you're able to stream audio from devices like smartphones or MP3 players to the instrument's speakers.

The looks

As a digital piano often ends up taking a prominent place in your living room, naturally you'll want it to look as good as possible. Roland's new models all have an attractive design, and you can pick a colour that matches your decor. The LX-17 in particular resembles a real authentic piano, offering you all the benefits of a digital instrument without any of the drawbacks of an acoustic model.

The F-140R

If you only have a limited budget to spend and are looking for a small digital piano, the Roland F-140R is an excellent option. It features a number of great rhythms, so it basically functions as a modest keyboard in a compact digital piano housing - perfect for small flats.

If you're in the market for a quality digital piano, Roland's new SuperNATURAL models are all definitely worth your consideration. With such a wide range of models and colours to choose from, we're certain you'll be able to find the perfect match. Enjoy playing!

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