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Roland Reveals New RD-2000 Stage Piano

Stage musicians, take note! Roland have just announced the RD-2000, which is a strong candidate if you're considering investing in a new stage piano. It's chock-full of functions and sounds.

More than just a stage piano

As a stage piano, the RD-2000 is a gorgeous instrument with a very pleasant keyboard with weighted keys for an authentic touch. But, the RD-2000 is so much more than that. It features two engines, a V-Piano (physical modelling), and a SuperNATURAL engine. The former delivers a piano sound based on complex formulas, resulting in extremely realistic behaviour and tone. The SuperNATURAL engine offers countless other sounds like horns, pads, organs, and electric pianos. These sounds are ideal for use on stage, and if you want more, the RD-2000 is equipped with two slots for wave expansions!

Modern concept

The control panel of the RD-2000 stage piano is very modern, featuring LED ring encoders, LED sliders, and a spacious display. You can determine eight zones, making it a handy addition to your studio. It's also a MIDI and audio interface, which makes integration with your computer a breeze. Another modern feature is its 24-bit, 192 kHz audio quality, and as well as regular (unbalanced) jack outputs, there are also XLR outputs available.

In short, the RD-2000 is not only full of impressive sounds and possibilities, it's also a rugged, reliable machine that was clearly built for the stage.

Check out our NAMM overview for info on all the latest new products and keep an eye on the product page for more information about the RD-2000.

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