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Roland's New D-05 Synth Celebrates 30 Years of the D-50

Roland is spoiling us once again with another Boutique version of a classic synth. This time, it's the Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer which is a remake of the renowned Roland D-50 that was introduced in 1987.

Roland D-05

Synth-mania with a joystick

The original D-50 was the first affordable synthesizer to combine samples with synthesis. It also had great effects, a fantastic sequencer and an arpeggiator on board. Thanks to its revolutionary sounds, the D-50 can be heard on countless albums and in lots of films from the late Eighties onwards. The Roland D-05 does everything that the iconic original could do and has a few new extra presets of its own too. If you're looking for a modern synth with classic sounds, the Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer certainly fits the bill.

For more information, including delivery time and price, take a look at the product page.

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