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Roland SH-01A: the best of the '80s and more!

The Roland SH-101 synthesizer first saw the light of day in 1983 and the rest is history. Now, 34 years later, Roland is reissuing this legendary synth in the form of the Roland SH-01A as part of their Boutique series. Not only will it be available in the familiar grey colour but there will be limited editions in blue and red too.

Roland SH-01A

A new legend is born

The sound of the original SH-101 is synonomus with early electronic dance music and was used by acts like Orbital and The Prodigy among many more. The Roland SH-01A is much more than just a reissue however. In addition to the classic monophonic mode, the new synth has unison, chord and 4-voice polyphonic modes which gives you many more possibilities. With the new Roland SH-01A synthesizer you not only get the legendary synth but extra functionality as well as all of the advantages of the latest technology.

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