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Roland V-800HD MK2 and XS-1HD Video Gear

Roland are probably best-known for their synthesizers and keyboards, but did you know they also make video gear? These products have exceeded our expectations, which is why we're happy to present the new V-800HD MK2 and the XS-1HD!



The V-800HD MK2 Video Switcher

With a video switcher, you can select which source you want to show your audience. Connect multiple video sources, such as cameras all aimed at a live performance. With the V-800HD MK2 switcher, you can direct a live video stream by determining which video source is broadcast at any particular time. It's top-notch quality, featuring 16 inputs, 6 outputs, HD-processing and an AUX bus switch.

The XS-1HD Matrix Switcher

With the XS-1HD Matrix Switcher, you can connect up to four video sources at once, including cameras, computers and media players, which you can send to a maximum of four outputs, like a projector or flat screen. Which sources you send to which outputs is up to you, of course.

Now more than ever, we live in a visual culture. With innovative products like these, Roland offers a great foundation for bands to build on and reach a larger audience!

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