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Roli Presents Block Controllers for NOISE App

Not too long ago, the brand Roli gained popularity and won awards with their ingenious range of Seaboard keyboards. The company is clearly all about thinking outside the box and modern performance, which they show once again with their newest innovations, the Lightpad Block, Live Control Block and the Loop Block controllers.

Make some NOISE

Basically, it's a pretty simple concept that's been worked out in great detail. First, you download the NOISE app, which is available for free from the App Store, and is where the sound generator is stored. The Roli Blocks function as controllers via Bluetooth. Using integrated magnetic strips, you can link the Blocks together for a unique layout and make music anywhere inspiration hits you. Roli compares themselves to LEGO, as you can rearrange the Blocks modules any way you like to build your ideal setup. Despite their playful appearance, these modules offer excellent performance that's sure to appeal to die-hard producers as well as beginners!

Three models

Roli proudly presents three controller modules. The first is the Lightpad, a modern interface with virtual keys that allow you to set parameters horizontally and vertically with your finger. The Live Control features handy buttons for live performances, hence the name. The Loop, on the other hand, is designed for production work. The Lightpad module is particularly flashy and colourful; a great example of a modern 21-century device.

If you're as excited about these three new modules as we are, we're afraid you'll have to be patient until the period after the 2017 Winter NAMM. In any case, your patience will be rewarded with a fun, cool piece of technology that's nothing short of sci-fi!

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