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Rubix Audio Interfaces by Roland!

It probably doesn't surprise you to know that there are many different external audio interfaces on the market today; not to mention, in our online store! Nonetheless, we want to focus on three new audio interfaces by Roland, namely the Rubix22, Rubix24, and Rubix44.

Three models

These days, there's an audio interface available to suit any budget or list of personal preferences. Roland underlines this by offering the line of Rubix audio interfaces, starting with the largest of the bunch, the Rubix44. This device has the 4 inputs and 4 outputs and offers the most possibilities, while the smallest version, the Rubix22 (2 In/2 Out) and the Rubix24 (2 In/4 Out) are somewhere in between. For many producers, the Rubix22 is an ideal piece of equipment that offers everything they need. All three models offer XLR/jack combos, DIN MIDI input and output, phantom power, Hi-Z, and ground lift. In addition to extra connections, the Rubix44 and Rubix24 offer a heavy-duty compressor/limiter as well.

Software included

Each of these Rubix audio interfaces comes complete with Ableton Live Lite, which is a pleasant surprise, seeing as these types of interfaces usually come with a more generic type of DAW. With this software, the Rubix, your laptop, and perhaps an Ableton controller, you've got a great mobile EDM setup to work with! The quality is simply top-notch at 24 bits, 192 kHz. Another noteworthy detail is that the Rubix interfaces are all compatible with Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X 10.10, as well as iOS 9.

Roland is ringing in the new year with three strong products—literally! These audio interfaces all have a rugged, durable metal housing. At the upcoming winter NAMM of 2017, we'll find out more about these interfaces, so keep an eye on Bax Music for news about Roland as well as the very latest in studio gear and musical instruments!

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