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Rumour has it: New Behringer Synthesizer

It seems Behringer is not above spreading ambiguous rumours online in the form of a mysterious video. There's no concrete information as of yet, but here at Bax Music, we love to speculate! It's about a synthesizer, which Behringer has spread rumours about before.

The big, unknown synthesizer

Some speculate that this new synth will be a sort of Arp Odyssey. Even though the classic Arp Odyssey has been re-released in a new-and-improved version, the anticipated Behringer is said to be considerably more affordable. Some aspects that seem to be certain are that this instrument is analogue, it's chock-full of control elements, and boasts an impressive sound. Concerning the latter, don't forget that Midas (known for their awesome live consoles) is owned by Behringer. Just saying.

But right now, all we have is speculation. Perhaps this synth is something completely new and unique that has nothing to do with the Arp Odyssey. We'll just have to be patient. But we're as excited as you are to find out!

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