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Rycote Presents Super-Blimp for NTG Series

The British brand Rycote is known for its high-quality shock mounts and wind shields like the Super-Blimp. This remarkable wind shield is compatible with every microphone from the NTG series by Røde, from the NTG1 to the NTG4+. What's more, it's also suitable for shotgun microphones that are up to 280 mm long and between 19 and 25 mm in diameter which means you can use it with microphones like the DPA 4017B, Neumann KMR81i, Sanken CS-2, Sennheiser MKE 600 and the MKH 416 too.

Light, robust and compact

Rycote's Super-Blimp is the lightest, sturdiest, and most compact microphone wind shield/shock mount on the market. Thanks to Rycote's patented Lyre technology, the shock mount ensures that vibrations that are transferred from the ground to the stand aren't captured by the microphone. The Super-Blimp also comes with the well-known Windjammer, a sleeve of synthetic fur that effectively filters out the sound of wind while maintaining the transparent acoustic characteristics of your audio source.

Practical XLR connectivity

The blimp is equipped with light, short XLR connectors which keep it lightweight and ensure shotgun mics fit securely inside as well. Rycote spared no expense in the design of this blimp and used the very best components, such as Mogami cables and gold-plated Neutrik connectors. Finally, the Super-Blimp has a standard, brass 3/8-inch UNC thread so mounting it onto a microphone stand is a piece of cake.

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