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Samson Z Series Headphones Bridge the Gap

According to Samson, "the power of music is its ability to inspire connection". However, if the music in all its glory doesn't come through to the listener the way it was intended to, then inspiration is hard to muster. Samson has come up with the solution to this problem: the Z Series. Depending on your budget and sonic tastes, you can choose between 4 different sets of headphones: the Z25, Z35, Z45 or the Z55.

Focus on Sound

To properly bridge the gap between musician and music-lover, there needs to be a clear goal. For Samson, that goal was immediately apparent: details and comfort. All four sets of headphones have a sober design which makes them very stylish. The Z55 is the flagship of the Z Series. With its wide frequency range (10 Hz - 25 Hz), it's an ideal set of headphones for studio recording. The 45-mm drivers with neodymium magnets ensure an excellent balance of tones which results in enormous detail and a reproduction of the acoustics of the room it was recorded in.

Musician or music-lover

Samson wants everyone to be able to enjoy the same excellent sound quality, which is why they developed three sets of more affordable headphones. Although the frequency range of these sets is not quite as wide, they are still able to reproduce audio in enormous detail. The Z45 is aimed at studio engineers with a warm mid (15 Hz - 22 kHz) and 40-mm drivers. The Z35 and Z25 are developed with the pure music-lover in mind. All models are designed to be stored easily thanks to swivelling earpieces and have an ample 2.5-metre cable.

For more information about this high-quality series of studio headphones, check out the product pages.

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