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Say Goodbye to Cable Spaghetti with Bullet Cable Coiled Cables

You'll never have a kink in the cable again with these coiled cables with oversized 30mm spirals by Bullet Cable, available in various lengths and colours! Bullet Cable founder/designer Ted McCann says: In the past, slick marketing and inflated facts have diluted the purpose of cable. Audio cables could be perceived as just a wire with jacks on the ends. At Bullet Cable, We have spent the last 11 years proclaiming through our engineering that there is truth in good audio cable design."

These cables are a whopping 9 metres long and offer outstanding signal transfer without sacrificing the high frequencies, despite their significant length. The thickness of the sheathing and the materials used are responsible for this. Improved jack plugs ensure a greater pull relief.

Bullet Cables are available in the standard length of just over 9 metres, with a straight as well as a right-angled plug, and they come in the colours black, white, red, sea foam and clear. The Bullet Classic is black and has two straight plugs. There's also the 4,5m-long Bullet Cable Mini Coil, available in both white and black.

Despite their lengths and oversized coils, the Bullet Cables are relatively lightweight, which means they won't weigh down your performance or pull on the body of your guitar. The most important advantage is for musicians who play live regularly: these babies roll up all by themselves after the gig, which means no more cable spaghetti!

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