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Scratch Whenever & Wherever You Want with the Numark PT01 Scratch!

Portablists often can't suppress the urge to use their turntable as a source of inspiration whenever and wherever they are. Now, you can scratch this mental itch with the Numark PT01 Scratch, an extremely rugged and highly portable turntable for true scratch artists!

Ignite inspiration, whenever & wherever

Since 2003, the DJ community has been yearning for a more portable scratching solution. Carrying two turntables and a mixer with you everywhere you go can be a real hassle, after all. Of course, there was the Vestax QFO, but this device was primarily used in music stores to listen to records in silence. This turntable was lightweight, but also easily breakable and didn't really allow for comfortable scratching due to its awkward shape. Numark was one of the first brands to come up with a durable and portable turntable that suits the scratch DJ's needs.

Following the success of their previous models, Numark introduces the PT01 Scratch portable turntable, which is specially designed by the scratch DJ for the scratch DJ!

Portable turntable with DJ Scratch Switch

Scratch whenever and wherever you want with the Numark PT01 Scratch. It's a compact turntable with a rugged housing. The best thing about the PT01 Scratch is that its design and layout are created to facilitate your own unique scratching style. What's more, the Adjustable Scratch Switch allows for both right-handed as well as left-handed scratching! Simply connect your smartphone or other media device to the PT01 Scratch via the mini jack and you can play background music while you can do your thing!

In conclusion

Want to know more about the Numark PT01 Scratch? For more information on the product, pricing and the delivery times, take a look at the product page! We expect to be able to deliver the Numark PT01 Scratch in October, 2016.

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