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SE Electronics Launches X1 S Microphone and Bundles

SE Electronics is proud to present the successor to their extremely popular X1 mic, the new X1 S condenser microphone, which has been upgraded significantly in just about every area. They're also introducing two new bundles, the Vocal Pack and the Studio Bundle.

X1 S: next level

As well as an improved dynamic range, the X1 S boasts an even lower self-noise ratio and a higher level of sensitivity. The only thing about this microphone that hasn't changed is its amazing value for money!

X1 S Vocal Pack: isolation pack

SE Electronics' Vocal Pack has everything you need to record top-quality vocals or instruments. It includes a 3-metre-long XLR cable, a shock mount, and a pop filter.

X1 S Studio Bundle: unbeatable

For those interested in more professional setups, SE Electronics offers the Studio Bundle, which consists of the X1 S microphone and an RF-X reflection filter as well as the same essential accessories as the Vocal Pack.

Keep an eye on our product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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