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Sennheiser Cashback Offer On Wireless Microphone Systems

In case you haven't heard, the European authorities recently announced that frequencies between 694 - 790 MHz should be reserved for telecom providers. While that's good news for communications in general, it could be bad news if you already own wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems that operate in the same frequencies. That's why Sennheiser are offering this Cashback scheme when you invest in a new wireless system.


If your wireless system operates at the frequencies mentioned above, then it's highly likely to suffer from interference at best or stop working altogether. One way or another, you're going to have to invest in a new system sooner or later. If you buy one of the new Sennheiser models mentioned below now, they'll give you Cashback for your old system.

How does it work?

  • First, you need to choose your new wireless Sennheiser system (B-stock products don't count). It has to be one of the following systems: the EW 100, the EW 300, the EW 500, the D1 or the AVX. For each system there's a different Cashback amount, £73 for the EW 100 for instance, and £149 for the EW 500. Please note that to qualify for this Cashback offer you have to make your purchase between 1st June 2016 and 31st August 2016!
  • The second step of the process requires you to sign up to the Sennheiser Promotions website. From here, you can upload your invoice for which you'll receive a voucher to send back your old wireless system.
  • For the third part of the process, you'll send your old system back to Sennheiser together with the voucher. The old set has to be complete and in working order.
  • The last step will be done by Sennheiser. They will process your old system and provided everything is order, will send you your Cashback!

Don't forget!

There's not a great deal of time between now and the date this offer ends, and many of you will likely be going on holiday during this time too. So, if you want to be sure to take advantage of this offer, act now! It wouldn't be very good if your system stopped working while you're using it some time in the early Autumn now, would it? Bax-shop's only role in this promotion is selling the excellent Sennheiser models mentioned above. Everything else will be done by Sennheiser themselves. Finally, make sure to read the Terms and Conditions on Sennheiser's Promotions page. Here, you will find more information that may be important to you. Good luck choosing your new wireless system.

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