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Sennheiser Presents New Wireless Systems

Microphone and headphone giant Sennheiser have clearly not been sitting still this past year. At the Winter NAMM show, they are presenting new wireless sets including lavalier, handheld, brass, instrument, and headset systems. From the XSW 1 series, there are various systems including the XSW 1-ME2-E, XSW 1-825, XSW 1-908, XSW 1-Cl1 and the XSW 1-ME3. For the XSW 2 series, there is the XSW 2-ME2, XSW 2-Cl1, XSW 2-ME3, XSW 2-835 and the XSW 2-865.

XS Wireless 1: for practical users

The XSW 1 series is aimed at no-nonsense users, people who just want to get to work and not have to deal with cumbersome settings or technical mumbo jumbo. They function very intuitively with a lot of the processes happening in the background. Naturally, if you prefer, you can select a frequency band manually, but in general, this series is plug-and-play.

XS Wireless 2: for serious users

Then, we have the XSW 2 series, which was developed for professionals and advanced users. The systems in this series are easy to use as the XSW 1 series, but offer more control when it comes to frequency range and general settings. You can choose between 12 channels and the systems are equipped with the award-winning True Diversity reception protocol which ensures that the user has a great reception at all times. The system also automatically selects the right frequency and switches to another if necessary. 

While these systems are designed for use in the EU, we recommend checking if the available frequency band is available in your area before purchasing.

Keep an eye on our product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing. Also, be sure to check out our NAMM overview for info on all the latest new products.

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