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Serato and Roland Join Forces for the DJ-808 Controller

One day before Roland's big event, The Future Redefined, Serato has announced the arrival of a beast of a DJ controller, the DJ-808. What does Serato and Roland have to do with each other, you ask? These two mega brands have joined forces to create it, the mother of all DJ controllers. This classic 2-deck (with 4-deck drive), 4-channel machine is comprised of a number of popular Roland digital instruments, including the TR-606, 707, 808 and 909, a Vocoder and a Sequencer.

DJ, producer or musician?

With Roland and Serato's DJ-808, you can let your creativity run wild. Not only is it a comprehensive controller that functions perfectly with Serato DJ, it also possesses some of Roland's most popular instruments like the TR-S drum machine/sequencer with a variety of kicks, snares, claps and hi-hat sounds, and the VT Voice Transformer vocoder. All this in combination with a comprehensive Sampler means that besides your standard DJ setup, you've got an arsenal of effects at your fingertips. What's more, it offers 16 RGB performance pads for hot cues, rolls, samples, slicer and an awesome pitch play feature that enables you to change the pitch at the push of a button (Serato’s Pitch ‘n Time software is included).

Made to perform

The DJ-808 elevates the art of DJing to another level. Of course, it offers everything you need to manipulate tracks and build up your songs from scratch, but one look at the connections will let you know this is the tip of the iceberg. Four RCA inputs (2x line/phone, 2x line), two master outputs (XLR and RCA), a booth output (jack), a mic input (XLR/jack combo), and two headphone sockets (jack and mini jack), is just the beginning. You can also connect the DJ-808 to your computer using a USB cable to use your Serato DJ software, and you can also hook up an extra synth via MIDI, or an external drum machine using one of the two other USB host ports.

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, Roland will officially launch the DJ-808 around 3 in the morning. Until then, check out the teaser videos on the Serato site and check back here at Bax Music for delivery times, prices, and more!

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