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Showtec Adds 5 New Moving Heads to Phantom Range

Phantom moving heads by Showtec like the Phantom 50 are pretty much a permanent fixture in the world of professional lighting. Now, Showtec has added the Phantom 65 as well as four other new moving head models to the range, namely the Phantom 130, the Phantom 3R Beam and 3R Hybrid, and the Phantom Matrix FX.

Broad, versatile beams

As well as LED spotlights like the Phantom 65 and 130, Showtec adds two versatile beams to their popular assortment. The Phantom 3R Beam and 3R Hybrid both have a powerful 150-watt R3 bulb and the Phantom 3R Hybrid is much more than meets the eye. It can also be used as a spotlight and thanks to the included frost filter, it can also be used as a wash.

Impressive and streamlined

Finally, there's the Phantom Matrix FX, which makes a striking first impression. This 5 x 5 RGBW LED matrix churns out the most complex light shows and can even project low-res videos! To top it all off, the integrated IFS support offers the possibility to synchronise the Matrix FX with other IFS equipment.

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