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Showtec Introduce Two New Dimmers: the DIM-4 and the DIM-4LC

Showtec have a very simple reason for introducing the new DIM-4 and DIM-4LC dimmers. They want to keep up to date with the latest guidelines and regulations governing such devices. This means that both of these dimming packs have been completely re-designed to make them fully compliant. As you can tell, Showtec take regulations and safety very seriously.

DIM-4 and DIM-4LC: spot the difference

The biggest difference between the DIM-4 and the DIM-4LC is that the LC now has four faders, whereas the standard model has none. LC stands for Local Control which is a function that was specially developed for artists who prefer to make adjustments in stand-alone mode.

Dimmer Pack features

Each of the four channels can handle up to 3A, giving the whole unit a total power consumption of 12A. The DIM-4 has 16 built-in programs, while the DIM-4LC adds an extra one in keeping with the previous MultiDim generation. You now have the possibility to use all of the channels simultaneously where all 4 channels can be controlled as one. Both dimmers can also be controlled using a DMX controller or by music so that each of the LEDs respond in time with the music.

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