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Shred the Halls with the Jackson Corey Beaulieu

Jackson has joined forces with the lead guitarist of the band Trivium, Corey Beaulieu, and the result is not to be scoffed at: two high-quality matte-black V-model guitars that will rock you to your core.

Trashing Through The Snow

Elegant, but with a heavy metal look - that was Corey Beaulieu's objective during the design process of these Jackson Artist Signature model guitars. While the matte-black KV6 and 7-string KV7 from the X Series are substantially less expensive than their American counterparts, you still get the same active Seymour Duncan Blackouts humbuckers for that high-gain shredding. Ingenious design elements like a compound fretboard radius, a satin finish on the back of the neck and the 'Speed Neck' profile are what make these Jacksons true race monsters.

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