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Shure Introduces DAC with Electrostatic Earphone System

The brand Shure needs no introduction. When it comes to high-quality audio applications, Shure is at the top of the heap with decades of experience producing outstanding headphones, microphones and in-ear monitors. Now, they've done it again, this time with the SHA900 portable headphone amplifier and electrostatic earphone set which consists of a DAC/amplifier, the KSE1500 high-end earphones and the SE846 in-ear monitors.

Headphone amplifier with DAC

The Shure SHA900 high-end headphone amplifier with a top-notch DAC is ideal for mobile users. Just connect the amp to your smartphone, tablet or notebook, and you can enjoy the same superior quality you'd normally only experience at home with a high-quality amp and a good pair of speakers. Additionally, the SHA900 is equipped with an elegant LCD display on which you can read the settings of its 4-band equalizer.

Superior in-ears

This attractive combination comprises the KSE1500, which consists of a DAC and an earphones set in black, while the SHA900 has a silver-grey finish. The KSE1500 is designed for the serious audio-lover and makes the perfect travelling companion, weighing only 230 grams together with the DAC. You can choose between a number of available presets, or create your own ideal sonic listening experience. Using the micro USB port, you can easily connect a source to this amp like your smartphone, tablet, or notebook.

The same goes for the SE846. Developed for a universal fit, and to meet the standards of demanding audio-lovers, Shure's patented design ensures a detailed reproduction of lows thanks to an integrated low-pass filter. Furthermore, these in-ears are equipped with a quad driver that accurately delivers high, mid and low frequencies.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing!

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