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Skullcandy Warranty Procedure

Skullcandy Warranty Procedure | Bax Music
The warranty applies to manufacturing defects that occur within 24 months of purchase. Defects that occur due to 'wear and tear' or that result from user damage, such as dropping a set of headphones, are not covered by warranty.

What is a manufacturing defect?
If your headphones suddenly stop functioning without any reason, then this could be the result of a manufacturing defect. Let Skullcandy know what happened and they may be able to reimburse you with a voucher for the current retail price of a new set of headphones. Manufacturing defects tend to happen within the first year of use.

How does the warranty work?
1. Fill in the form on the Skullcandy website.
2. Send the headphones to the repair centre for inspection.
3. Skullcandy will send you an email confirming the warranty claim. If a manufacturing defect is found you will receive a voucher code for the amount of a new set of headphones.
4. Defective products will only be accepted if this return procedure is followed. Use one application per set of headphones.
5. If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ page on the Skullcandy website.

If a manufacturing defect is found, you will receive an email with a voucher code along with instructions on how redeem it. This voucher is only valid on the Skullcandy website, and not redeemable at Bax Music! On average, Skullcandy's warranty claim takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

If the headphones are defective within 30 days of purchase, please contact the Customer Service team here at Bax Music.

If you have any other questions regarding the warranty or return procedure at Skullcandy, please contact them directly by email at: help-uk@skullcandy.com.

Terms & Conditions Limited Warranty
Skullcandy grants this Limited Warranty to the original buyer of the Skullcandy audio product (including headphones, earphones, headsets and speakers) provided these products have been purchased from an authorized Skullcandy Dealer. This Limited Warranty can not be transferred to other persons. National laws may add additional rights or remedies that vary from country to country and are not affected by this Limited Warranty.

"Authorized Dealer" refers to a seller/store designated by Skullcandy as an official retailer who sells products in unused condition and in the original packaging. "Fraud or misinformation" refers to any incorrect information relating to the warranty, such as the cause of the defect, the place of purchase, and the authenticity of the product. Indicating a defect as a manufacturing error which is in fact wholly or partly caused by (a) use other than intended, (b) transport, neglect, misuse by persons other than Skullcandy personnel, (c) making changes to the product by persons other than Skullcandy personnel, (d) accident, (e) technical maintenance or service by persons other than Skullcandy staff or authorised dealers, (f) exposure to extreme heat, bright light, sun, liquids, sand or other pollutants, or g) causes beyond Skullcandy's range, including but not limited to fire, storm, earthquakes, flooding, God's will, will be considered fraud.

"Intended use" refers to the use of the product (a) indoors or in a dry outdoor environment, (b) for personal (non-commercial) use, (c) in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations, (d) in accordance with Skullcandy's recommendations / instructions, and (e) if applicable, proper electrical grounding.

Scope of Limited Warranty
Skullcandy grants Limited Warranty against Skullcandy product defects for a period of 24 months after purchase from an authorised dealer. If a product purchased from an authorised dealer has a factory error, Skullcandy will, at its sole discretion, repair, (ii) replace (i), or (iii) provide a credit for the purchase of a new product in the Skullcandy online store. The credit will be equal to the amount paid for the original purchase. Skullcandy reserves the right to inspect the product and, at its sole discretion, determine if the defect is a manufacturing error. Skullcandy can not guarantee that the originally-purchased model is still available when credit is issued. Skullcandy accepts no liability for any unique damages, consequential loss or incidental damage resulting from the sale, purchase or use of this product, regardless of the cause.

By registering this warranty claim, you agree to the following terms:
- You are responsible for any shipping charges to Skullcandy
- In case of fraud or misinformation, Skullcandy may reject any form of warranty
- Skullcandy is not responsible for products that go missing during shipment to Skullcandy. To avoid unnecessary delays and reduce the risk of loss, we strongly recommend that you use the return label provided by Skullcandy. Non-Skullcandy products are not covered by this warranty.
- Skullcandy, at its sole discretion, will decide whether the defect is a manufacturing error and what the follow-up action will be.
- Products that are sent to Skullcandy will not be returned to you under any circumstances. Defective products will be used for research or recycling as part of our efforts to improve our products as well as care for the environment.

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