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Smoke and Bubbles: American DJ Launches Entour Venue & Bubbletron XL

American DJ, the undeniable front-runner in the world of light and effects technology, present two new devices at NAMM 2017 that are sure to make your events even more spectacular than ever. The Entour Venue is a high-output fazer and the Bubbletron XL is a powerful, professional bubble machine.

American DJ presents Entour Venue and Bubbletron XL

Minimal warm-up time, maximum effect

The Entour Venue is a fazer with an impressively short warm-up time of only 45 seconds before it's capable of providing an amazing light show. Whether it's in a fixed installation or for mobile purposes, this fazer is built to perform time and time again. With their unsurpassed eye for detail and consistent reliability, American DJ proves once more why so many professionals choose their products above all others.

Bubbles galore

The amount of bubbles the Bubbletron XL can produce is mind-blowing. With this larger, extra-strong successor to the original Bubbletron and the rechargeable Bubbletron Go, your audience will find themselves in the midst of a hypnotic bubble landscape in no time! This is partially due to the fact that the Bubbletron XL has two fans instead of one. This machine is easy to use and sure to turn your next party, event, or performance into an unforgettable bubble experience!

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