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Soar with the New Brit Fly Rig 5 and Cali Fly Rig 5

Tech 21's successful Fly Rig 5 multi-effects pedal now has two new versions, the Brit Fly Rig 5 and the Cali Rig 5.

On the fly

Just like the original Fly Rig 5, these two new stomp boxes are packed full of effects including delay, reverb and boost. Whereas the overdrive section of the original pedal was modelled on a plexi amplifier, these two new models each have their own type of distortion. The Tech 21 British Fly Rig 5 has an overdrive that is based on the sounds of crunchy, vintage British amplifiers from the '60s. If you're into heavier styles of music however, then perhaps the Tech 21 Cali Fly Rig 5 will be more to your liking. As its name suggests, the Cali is inspired by American amplifiers from California which are characterised by their bright, hard, high-gain sound. Regardless of what genre of music you play, there's a Fly Rig that's right for you!

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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