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Soft Cases for DSI Pro 2, Prophet 6 and OB-6!

If you own a Pro 2, Prophet 6 or OB-6 synthesizer, your prayers have just been answered! Dave Smith Instruments has just launched custom-made soft cases designed especially for these models.

Water-tight and scratch-free

One of the two cases fits the Pro 2 while the other is suitable for the Prophet 6 as well as the OB-6. The exterior of both cases is made of ABS and finished with sharkskin fabric. This makes both soft cases shock and moisture-proof. The interior has a soft lining that will keep the synth scratch-free and securely in its place during transport. Both bags are equipped with a sturdy handle, but can also be worn on your back with the padded shoulder straps.

These Dave Smith Instruments cases are simply invaluable accessories for transporting and storing your instrument safely and securely.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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