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Something for Everyone: Fender FXA9 Pro and CXA1 In-Ears Monitors

The renowned guitar brand Fender has been working hard at making name for themselves in the world of live in-ear monitoring. To strengthen their position in that market, they've added six new models, with the FXA9 Pro being the absolute top-of-the-range. For musicians on a budget, they also offer the more affordable CXA1.

Eye for detail

The Fender FXA9 Pro in-ear monitors are simply unprecedented. First of all, they come in three striking colours: Pearl White, Chameleon and Bronze Pearl. Secondly, they consist of a 3D-printed shell that houses six balanced drivers for amazingly clear audio thanks to 24-carat gold-plated copper tips. On top of that, they have a transparent thermoplastic earplug that fits like a glove.

Accessible and enjoyable

Fender also presents the CXA1 in-ear monitors, which are also available in three colours: White, Blue and Black. Compared to the FXA9 Pros, they are more straightforward in use and feature an 8.5mm titanium driver. These in-ear monitors can also be used for everyday use, as they come complete with a cable with in-line remote control that's compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Whether you're performing live or just chilling at home, you can be sure of an outstanding listening experience with these CXA1 in-ear monitors!

Find out more about these in-ear monitors by clicking on the relevant product pages.

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