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Soon at Bax: Exclusive Limited Edition Fender Guitar

Fender is once again treating us to a lovely Limited Edition guitar. The standard CF140SCE is already an absolute beauty of an instrument, but the Limited Edition Gloss Sunburst edition is nothing short of irresistible. What's even better, is that its performance perfectly matches its gorgeous look! The Fender CF140SCE Gloss Sunburst is simply a great-sounding and comfortably compact electric-acoustic steel-string guitar.

Quality wood types

The CF140SCE is another piece of evidence that good things often come in small packages. Its compact body with a comfortable cutaway enhances the guitar's playability, and volume is taken care of as well, thanks to its solid spruce top. Together with the mahogany body and rosewood fretboard, this results in a pleasant core sound with both tight and warm basses, as well as clear trebles. With its glossy sunburst finish and its tortoise pickguard, this guitar is an absolute joy to behold. Do note that it is a highly limited edition model. We recommend you order yours quickly, before someone else snatches it out from under you.

Solid hardware

The amplification is handled through a combination of a Fishman piezo pickup and a Presys preamp. The latter features a 3-band EQ, a phase switch that counters unwanted feedback and an integrated tuner. Both the bridge and string nuts are by Graph Tech Tusq. All in all, it's a great combination of hardware and electronics that you'd sooner expect from a much more expensive guitar!

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