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Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 is the latest version of this invaluable audio-editing software. Not only is it very affordable, it's packed with lots of handy functions, effects and new features. Read on to find out more.

Audio-editing software

Audio-editing software like Sound Forge has countless applications in the studio. Essentially, it allows you to edit recorded material, create loops and apply mastering effects for a professional finish.

New in Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

As well as giving the features found in previous versions a polish, Audio Studio 12 has a few new additions of its own. The effects have been drastically improved and the new Slice Editing feature gives you the capability to continue tweaking your edit even after you’ve made your cut. The editing is non-destructive too, meaning you can move slots of audio over the timeline as often as you like. The Soft Cut feature creates automatic, user-adjustable crossfades with each edit which guarantee smooth transitions between cuts with no pops or clicks. Both of these features are a very welcome addition. 

For video too

Normally, if you have a video (without the source material) and you want to add audio to it you need to render it as new video. Unfortunately, this usually results in poorer-quality footage beacause most videos have a lossy format. With Sound Forge Audio Studio 12, however, you can add audio without having to render it as a new video which means the quality remains exactly the same! How handy is that?

iZotope Elements

iZotope is company known for its top-quality studio software and Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 comes with iZotope's Ozone Elements included. This mastering software ensures that you can give your tracks a truly professional finish.

For more information on Sound Forge Audio Studio 12, take a look at the video below and the product page.

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