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Special Offer: Adam Triple7 Studio Monitors

If you're serious about your mixing, you need a good set of studio monitors. While many people choose a hifi set because of its price, you really need to hear the full audio spectrum properly. Read on to see what Adam has in store for you with their Triple7 special offer.

Triple7 studio monitors

The Triple7 set of studio monitors consists of two Adam F7s and one Adam Sub7. Buying this special Triple7 set will save you around 30% of what you’d spend if you bought each monitor separately. That's great if you're just setting up your studio or replacing your equipment. The entire set will give you a frequency range between 32 Hz and 50 kHz, so you won't miss a thing. While your dog may be the only one that'll hear the highest frequencies, the low 32 Hz frequency will allow you to pick up the lowest sounds and include them in your mix. The simplest way to put it is this; the more you hear, the better your mix will be.

From now until August 31st,2016, you've got the chance to get your hands on this Triple7 special offer while stocks last.

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