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SPL Crimson 3: Boutique Audio Interface

While some 19-inch rack audio interfaces have top-level specifications that are overcomplicated, the new SPL Crimson 3 desktop panel offers a clear overview of all its features, buttons, and controls. Read on to find out more about this boutique device , which comes in white and black!

SPL Crimson 3 - a new generation

This audio interface is jam-packed with connection options including XLR inputs and outputs, jack inputs and outputs, S/PDIF, MIDI, mini-jack and RCA. As you'd expect, it also features phantom power for the mic inputs and low-cut to eliminate noise from the low frequencies. You can connect a guitar, and there are two high-grade headphone jacks available as well. The 24-bit/192 kHz signal conversion is impressive , making this device a great addition to your setup.

What's new in the Crimson 3?

Generally speaking, the Crimson 3 is similar to previous generations, but two new features really make it stand out. First of all, it has a talkback microphone built into the panel, which is handy for communicating with the vocal booth. It also boasts Phonitor Matrix, which simulates cross-bleed on your headphones, something that is normally only audible via a set of speakers. The Phonitor Martix feature sends audio from the left speaker to your right ear and vice versa. While cross-bleed is a great way to pinpoint details in your audio, it's recommended to use speakers for your final mix.

The Crimson 3 is an attractive, comprehensive audio interface that complements your DAW perfectly. It's definitely a worthy investment, but you'll need to decide which colour you prefer: white or black!

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