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Splice Sounds Samples for Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

We have exciting news for owners of Pioneer's Toraiz SP-16. The DJ manufacturer has announced that it's collaborating with Splice Sounds, an online sample library that has more than one million sounds and loops from well-known and lesser-known labels, artists and DJs. You'll be able to download samples one by one and work with them right away. To celebrate, you can get one month's access for free!


Thanks to Splice Sounds, you no longer have to buy a pack of samples that contains things you'll probably never use. Splice offers a huge online library of sounds and samples and you can choose to download only the ones you want. Thanks to the collaboration between Pioneer and Splice Sounds, Toriaz SP-16 owners can now enjoy seamless integration. That means you can download sounds and loops, edit them in the online sequencer called Beatmaker, and save them in a Scene file (.SCN) that you can then open directly in the SP-16.

Online and offline

Together, Splice and Pioneer have brought together an online cloud-based library with offline hardware for the first time. Both companies are aware that this is just the first step, so more exciting news is sure to follow. To get one month's free access go to Splice's website, sign up for an account, head over to the subscriptions page and use promo code TORAIZ16.

Take a look at the video below for more information and read more about the Toraiz SP-116 on the product page.

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