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Spring has Sprung with the New Keyboard Cases by Gator Cases

Now that Spring has officially sprung, it's finally time for some outdoor performances. And just in time, Gator Cases offers a brand new line of keyboard cases! This GTSA series is the successor to the GKPE line and includes models for keyboards with 49, 61, 76 and 88 keys.

Robust cases

As a keyboard player, you want to be sure nothing can happen to your valuable instrument while it's en route to or from a gig. With these GTSA cases, you can rest easy. The exterior is made of molded polyethylene, the same material used for various military purposes! In other words, it's built to take a beating. To make these cases suitable of holding as many types of keyboards as possible, the interior is fitted with thick pieces of foam that you can arrange to fit snugly around your specific keyboard. That means virtually any model will fit in a Gator case.

Safe travels

Each case features four TSA-approved latches, two of which can be locked. An aluminium strip ensures that the lid slots perfectly into the base. In order to carry the case comfortably, each one is equipped with an ergonomic handle. With the exception of cases for keyboards with 49 keys, each case is also fitted with two castors for even easier transport.

Eight models

The GTSA series is comprised of 8 models. First of all, there is for 49 keys and one for 61 keys. Then, there's a standard model for 76 keys, and an extra deep model. For keyboards with 88 keys, there are four different models to choose from: a standard case, a deeper model, a narrow model and an extra long case. With a range like that, there's sure to be a case for everyone!

For more information on exact dimensions, prices and availability, keep an eye on our product pages.

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